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Diamonds – The Next Great Investment Class

Think of diamonds and what do you think of? The link between diamonds and celebrating important lifetime occasions relating to love and commitment is well known all around the globe from the United States to Europe, the Gulf, India, China and the wider Asian markets. Love is not about to run out, but diamonds are certainly in shorter supply – and that provides a strong investment opportunity.
Why invest in diamonds as compared with stocks, shares, property or other investment opportunities? Because those assets can all be volatile, and they are not always easy to sell off – as was seen with the crash of the U.S. housing market post-2008. Even when investors managed to offload those assets, they often took big hits. Even gold – always regarded as the classic safe-haven investment – has seen its price plunge over the past year.

Diamonds – A Portable Store Of Value

Investing in diamonds, however, as auctions in recent years have proven with the continuous setting of new records, has proven to be not just safer but to also bring with it strong profits. Not only are diamonds portable stores of value that never go out of fashion – but their value has risen by tens of percent over recent years. As with all other investment opportunities, there is no iron-clad cannot guarantee that buyers will always make big profits, but based on our deep knowledge of the market, we can show you which diamonds are worth buying.

The Case for Investing In Diamonds:

  • The world's diamond mines are depleting – especially the larger ones
  • An estimated $7 billion has been invested in exploration by diamond mining firms over the past 30 years. Although some smaller mines have been discovered, they are not large enough to keep up with predicted demand in the coming years
  • New mines take at least 10 years to come on stream, and existing new sources produce relatively small quantities of diamonds
  • Prices of diamonds are strongly linked to the state of the international economy. With the U.S. economy on the verge of revival and the Chinese and Indian markets taking a breather before taking the next step forward, current diamond prices provide an excellent entry point for investors
  • The U.S. bridal market provides a rock-solid base of demand for diamonds
  • And now, China and India, with their huge populations and burgeoning middle classes have created a huge new market for diamonds


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