Plukka Jewellery: All Rings True

Jossi Porecki is a designer on Plukka online jewellery platform for fine jewellery designers. Here he is featured in an article on Plukka in the Billionaire magazine 

CIJ International Jewellery

Podicko Diamonds featured in CIJ international Jewellery with our exquisite diamond Eternity Collecion

Solitaire Magazine "The Love Issue, Precious Symbols of Passion and Loyalty"

Podicko Diamonds Sapphire Spiral Earrings are featured in The Febrauary/March 2014 Love Issue on Precious Symbols of Passion and Loyalty.

Perhaps the most fascinating of all, blue roses captivate and signify intrigue and mystery, with the receiver perceived as extraordinary yet unattainable.

CIJ International Jewellery

Podicko Diamonds featured in CIJ international Jewellery with our handmade fancy cut diamond dome ring

Couture Magazine "From Concept to Completion"

Podicko's jewellery is created by hand to the finest quality from concept until completion. Joseph Porecki encourages each customer to create their own brand of jewellery

Solitaire Magazine "New Game, New Rules"

Podicko features in Solitaire magazine showcasing diamond eternity bands, rings, bracelets and earrings 

Podicko Diamonds

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