Production for Jewelers

Bridal Rings

Podicko produces a huge range of wedding bands. And with more than 500 models in stock, we provide a consistent supply for our customers. Furthermore, Podicko manufactures special fancy cut custom hand-made jewelry and special pieces by request.
Most of the diamonds are white, F-G color, and mostly Radiant, Cushion, Emerald and Asscher shapes. The rings are mainly sold by luxury jewelry stores globally where we pride ourselves on creating a private label service for our brand clients.

Unique Items

Looking for innovative, beautifully crafted jewelry that you won't find elsewhere? At Podicko, we are experts in creating original, cutting-edge jewelry that offer our clients tailored pieces to match their exact requirements.
We create jewelry for all price points and for all tastes – whether period, retro, baroque or contemporary. Our designers create eye-catching jewelry that exudes character and carries exquisite taste.
And these eye-catching items give your jewelry stock a huge boost by providing you with a range of stand-out items that will catch your clients' attention and create extra sales.
Our jewelry is set with white and/or fancy color diamonds, and the jewels are aimed mostly at our high-end clientele and jewelry stores.

Creative Solutions

Don't leave stock sitting around when it can be turned into a creative and cutting-edge piece of jewelry.
Our long experience in the diamond industry is allied with the out-of-the-box creativity of our designers to give you options for diamonds that may be sitting in your safes because you were unable to find a buyer for the stone or did not find a jeweler who could create an innovative item with it.
We offer a unique service to diamond wholesalers and jewelry stores to convert loose diamonds you may not have a use for into unique jewelry.

Diamonds For Everyone

Looking for a highly specific diamond for a certain jewelry item, or for a collector or an investor? Diamonds are required for an enormous range of customers and requirements.
We can identify and locate the precise diamond that you need, whatever shape, color or clarity. And that is a huge advantage for our clients who enjoy supplies of competitively priced polished diamonds and jewelry.
Podicko carries a vast inventory of large diamonds from two carats and up in high clarity, colors and cut in various shapes.